Grapevine Star Center

“It’s not just about having the body. It’s about living the lifestyle.”

We know your struggle. We’ve been there before. Unlike you, we had to learn it the hard way that to achieve the body that we want, it took us not only hours of workouts and sacrifices, but also discipline and commitment to this as we know, it was never an optional activity for us to accomplish our goals.

We also needed a place where we can do our workouts. A safe and conducive place so we won’t just easily give up like what we would have done in other places.

Fortunately, due to the increasing demands from other people and the immense support we are enjoying. We now have this gym open to serve you whoever you are and whatever your goals are. We are here to help you achieve the dream look that you are hoping to have and to start committing to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

State of the Art Facilities

Here in our gym, we only offer the best. All of our equipment came from the best source so you are sure that everything that you will use in our gym is safe to use. We didn’t save on this part because we only want to give you the best. We also have a variety of machine perfect for whatever routine you have in mind. We have all the types of equipment for whatever it is you have in mind. If you like weight lifting, we have all kinds of weights from beginners to more professional.

Our Rock Star Fitness Coaches

We also take pride on our people. Fortunately, we have employed some of the best fitness coaches here in Austin. The great thing about them is it’s not just a job to them, but also their way to help inspire people to be fit and be healthy. They help not because it is their job but because they believe in our mission to create a healthy community.

They are very knowledgeable in the world of exercise and sports science. They can easily help out especially if you have special needs that might require a specialized approach in your workout. Also, they’re not going to stress you out, but rather help you in a more constructive way.

Supportive Community

Through out the years, we were able to create a very supportive community. Each and everyone of our members try to help each other out. We have a saying that once you are part of our family, you will always be a part of it. So if you are having difficulties in maintaining your training, the community is here to remind you of your goal and help you achieve it.

We also do a lot of activities outside the gym that helps us foster a sense of community. Aside from fun activities outside, we are also involved in some civic projects and volunteering so we can be part of the community here in Austin.

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