How a Trainer Motivates


Being a trainer is like being a teacher, a parent, and a friend in one. At first, you will have to teach your trainees everything that you know about diet, and physical fitness. And then, you will sometimes need to act as parent trying to remind your trainees about his or her limits in his or her daily activities. And then, sometimes, you will need to act as a friend listening to your trainees about their daily woes and sometimes advising them on what to do.

But as a trainer, you are so much more about that. The most important thing that you do is inspire and motivate people to work harder for their own fitness goals.

So how does a trainer motivate?

The most important part in motivating others is assuring them that they too, can achieve the same result. It is not really about promising them that they will have it, but more of giving them the idea that if they worked just as hard, it is not impossible for them to be in the same position as you are.

trainerAlso, you need to be positive when making criticisms. You are not attacking others because of their choices. That’s just mean and wrong. But rather, you are helping them out when they are making mistakes. You are pointing out what they can improve filled with understanding and compassion. You are not going to humiliate them by shouting at them whenever they are trying to give up.

Also as a trainer, you need to have the ability to listen to them. You need to know their needs in order for you to properly assess what you can help improve on. With that knowledge, you can even think of the ways you can structure your workouts that will really bring out the best in your trainee.

Lastly, you need to believe in a mission. This is an important catch. Do this because you genuinely care about people, about their journey, and not because you are thinking that it is your only way to earn money. If only you have a bigger purpose in mind, then it will be easier for you to motivate people.