Things to Avoid After Intense Workout

gymWorking out can be a real pain especially if you are doing it too hard. However, even if you are doing it the way you are supposed to do it, there are several things that you should remember to avoid especially if you just finished an intense workout. These are the things that will make sure that your intended effects will be there and not put to waste.

Drinking Alcohol

This is a big no no after an intense workout. Drinking alcohol is not only unhealthy to your liver, but it will also put the effects of your workout in to the trash bin. If you drink alcohol, your body will lose liquids fasted making you more dehydrated. And when you are dehydrated, it will be difficult for your body to repair your muscles. Also, it will surely give you a bad hangover the next days, probably making you miss your workout schedule. Just give it a rest first and let your body recover before you attend a party.

Not Sleeping

If you just finished an intense workout, schedule at least 7 hours sleep after. This is the best way to get to your goals faster. Sleeping will help you repair your broken muscle giving it the growth that you are expecting. However, if you are depriving yourself with enough sleep, the reverse will happen. It won’t be able to repair your muscle properly making everything that you did useless. So if you think that you won’t be able to get enough rest, stick to the cardio and skip all the weight training as cardio will not really affect your muscle growth.


Get a Massage

Unless it is being done by a licensed physical therapist, it is important to skip the massage after an intense workout. For some it might be logical to do it because it is a way to ease the pain and tension that you are feeling. But the reality is, it is very dangerous for your body to have a massage after you just literally wrecked your muscles. The massage will add to that, and will make your muscle situation worse, making it hard for your body to recover.