When to Hire a Tuckpointing Company

Some people refer to the tuckpointing process as a lost art which involves the repair and replacement of mortar in brick or stone walls. Tuckpointing involves the use of a finely pointed trowel to point grooved mortar joints with a thin ridge of mortar, putty, or mortar repair mix. Mortar repair products, i.e., mortar repair caulk, can be used to repair cracked mortar joints. A tuckpointing skilled professional will know about the correct products and tools to use. They will also know about the tuckpointing method or style to be used. Skilled professionals know how to match the color of mortar, how to clean and prepare the cracks and joints for repair and the best style and methods to use. Mortar repair is messy and achieving a smooth finish is no easy task. As a skilled DIY homeowner, if the job is too large for you to tackle, consider hiring a skilled tuckpointing professional which is less worry, mess, and hassle for you.

Mortar joint styles include flat, angled, round, or recessed joints. The mortar repair mix is an important ingredient. The type, color, age, and condition of the brick or stone wall are other important factors. An experienced tuckpointer knows how to deal with all the problems and factors involved with tuckpointing repair projects. Experienced DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners may attempt to repair the deteriorating mortar joints on their home’s brick veneer or they may try to repair their chimney’s mortar joints. But, they soon learn that the job is more than they can handle. To achieve the best results, it is better to hire a skilled professional tuckpointer.

When choosing the correct color and type of mortar, as well as the tuckpointing style to use, cost of materials and labor is an important factor. Unskilled DIY homeowners do not have the expertise and necessary skills to achieve a superior job. Hiring a professional tuckpointer saves time and money. When the job is finished, the smooth appearance of the joints is proof of a well-done job. If you hire a skilled tuckpointer, the benefits outweigh the cost of labor. Improved home value, curb appeal, safety, energy conservation, and cost-effectiveness are just a few of the benefits of hiring a tuckpointing professional.

Harsh weather in all seasons of the year causes the mortar joints to deteriorate. Water damage and air leakage are two problems that cause mortar joints to deteriorate and break down the structure of a chimney or a home. A skilled tuckpointing professional can restore the structural stability of a chimney while preventing further water damage. Tuckpointing costs vary. The cost is estimated by the square foot or the tuckpointing company will provide an estimate that covers the entire job. The average tuckpointing job will run as high as $5 to $15 per square foot. Of course factors such as labor, materials, size of the job and geographic region will affect the overall price of the completed job. Before hiring a professional tuckpointer, ask for several estimates and references about previously completed jobs.